Topical Glaucoma Medications – common concerns

Too many drops come out and roll down my cheek.

You may find that many excess drops roll down your cheek – don’t worry, as long as you feel one drop of wetness go in your eye.

I find it hard to hold or squeeze the bottle or place it near my eye.

You may find it difficult to use the bottle – speak to our clinicians about techniques and aids that can help you.

I am too busy or just find it hard to remember to put my drops in.

You may find it difficult to remember to put in your drops every day – speak to our clinicians about strategies or other treatment options that may be suitable.

These drops sting my eyes and/or make them red.

You may have an allergy to the drop, especially preservatives – please speak to your clinician or pharmacist to find an alternative treatment.

You may be finding the preservatives in the bottle irritating – speak to your clinician or pharmacist so that we can find an alternative treatment or potentially switch to a preservative-free solution.

I have two types of drops to put in at the same time; I don’t know which one first.

Generally, if you have drops from two bottles to instil at the same time, the order does not matter, however you should wait 5 minutes between them to prevent the second drop washing out the first.

I was distracted earlier and missed my evening dose.

For drops that are once or twice a day, the exact hour of instillation is not crucial. If you have forgotten a dose from several hours ago, just instil a drop now.

I have my appointment tomorrow – should I still use my drops today?

Yes – unless otherwise advised.

I am pregnant – is it safe for me to use these drops?

If you are pregnant, check with your clinician or pharmacist before using any eye drop or other medication.