Diabetes and the Eye

Diabetes can affect the eye resulting in gradual visual loss over time that can be irreversible. If you have diabetes, exercise, good control of blood sugar levels, blood pressure and weight reduction are crucial to preserve the long-term health of your eyes and vision.

Patients with diabetes should have their eyes checked regularly. At Glaucoma Care, our doctors can provide regular eye health checks for patients with diabetes to detect and treat early changes to preserve vision.

How does diabetes affect the eye?

Diabetes can damage the delicate blood vessels in the retina, resulting in diabetic retinopathy. This can cause the vessels to leak or bleed, impairing or distorting the vision.

Occasionally, diabetes can cause new blood vessels to grow in the eye. These can cause large bleeds in the eye or retinal detachment. These can result in sudden loss of vision and require prompt attention.

Can diabetic retinopathy be treated?

The key to treatment is early detection and prevention. If diabetic retinopathy is present, it can be treated with a combination of laser to the eye and injections in the eye. Rarely eye surgery is required to preserve vision.