Dry Eyes/Blepharitis

The tear film is a layer of water that covers the surface of your eye. This provides nourishment to your eye and a smooth surface for crisp vision. A thin layer of oil produced by glands in your eyelids covers the tear film, maintaining its regular consistency.

ophthalmology helathy tear film

Deficiencies in the tear film can result in dry eye, causing

  • eye discomfort
  • stinging or burning eyes
  • scratchiness
  • excess tearing
  • difficulty wearing contact lenses
  • early morning eye discharge
  • transient visual disturbance

Blepharitis occurs when the oil glands in the eyelids become blocked, resulting in inflammation and redness of the lids and poor oil covering the tear film. The tear film breaks down, causing tired, red, burning, itchy, watery or smarting eyes, headaches or transient blurred vision.

Blepharitis is a chronic condition that can sometimes improve or worsen, but cannot be permanently cured. Fortunately, there are strategies that improve the flow of oil from the eyelid glands onto your tear film, helping your symptoms.

Blepharitis can be treated with twice daily application of warmth and massage followed by cleansing of the eyelids, as well as lubricating eye drops.

ophthalmology blepharitis treatment

At Glaucoma Care, we understand the importance of a healthy ocular surface for your vision and comfort. By evaluating your tear film, our clinicians can help tailor treatment strategies to improve troubling dry eye and/or blepharitis.

Suffering from tired, dry, red or watery eyes? Book now for an assessment of your ocular surface by one of our specialist Ophthalmologists.