Eye Inflammation (uveitis)

Inflammation of the eye (uveitis) is a common cause of a red, painful eye with blurred vision. It can be associated with light sensitivity and discomfort while reading. Either eye can be affected, but it is uncommon for both eyes to be involved at the same time.

Uveitis is most commonly due to the immune system mounting an autoimmune attack on the eye. It can be associated with joint, skin or chest problems; generally blood tests and a chest X-ray are required to detect these. For many patients no obvious cause is identified.

Uveitis should be treated promptly with frequent steroid drops and a drop to dilate the pupil. It has a tendency to recur.

At Glaucoma Care, our Ophthalmologists can detect and treat uveitis promptly. Delay in detection and treatment can be harmful to the eye and vision.